Agriculture Machinery Loan (AML) serves for individual customers who wish to purchase agriculture machinery in the purpose to grow their business relating to farming and service providing (including machine rental businesses). With these machines, their businesses will increase efficiency, save time and improve agriculture yield quality. In addition, farmers are able to increase their income by renting out their machinery to other farmers.

AML product is for customers who have existing agricultural businesses.

Condition :

Currency Loan Size Rate Loan Term
USD 1,000 to 100,000 1.00% to 1.50% 6 to 48 months

How To Apply :
To apply for Agriculture Machinery Loan from T&Go, please follow following steps:
– Contact to “TGo” office.
– Apply loan per your request on loan amount and term based on your needs.
– Provide the necessary documents required by “TGo” .
– Agree to the loan terms & conditions.

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