Business Loan or Working Capital Loan (WCL) provides an oppotunity to customers who need capital to make their business grow. With this loan, customers is able to expand their businesses and make additional profit according to the scale of their businesses. WCL product is for customers who have existing businesses and willing to expand their businesses.

Condition :

Currency Loan Size Rate Loan Term
USD 5,000 to 100,000 1.50% 6 to 48 months

Note: this table shows interest rate indication only, and some fee charges may be applied.
How To Apply :
To apply for Agriculture Machinery Loan from T&Go, please follow following steps:
–  Contact to T&Go office. Tel:
–   Apply loan per your request on loan amount and term based on your needs.
–  Provide the necessary documents required by T&Go.
–   Agree to the loan terms & conditions.

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